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Located in Qianjiang Economic Development Park of Hangzhou city, Hangzhou Anchuan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. enjoys good location and developed traffic conditions for we are very close to the downtown of Tangqi town, Linping Industrial Park, Jinghang Great Canal. Moreover, Xinbei Qianjiang Development Park is the frontier space from Hangzhou to Shanghai city and even reaches to Changjiang Delta.

Hangzhou Anchuan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. now is new joint-stock enterprise: we are not only a specialized research, manufacturing and trade enterprise, but also a licensed enterprise for import and export business. At the beginning of our business, we were a professional research institute specializing in the research, development and promotion of technical products of pharmaceutical and chemical industry, and we were mainly engaged in the research, development and production of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs.

Up to now, we have successfully established a complete technical R&D system, production system, QA system and sales service system: first, there are experienced senior engineers, chemical engineers and technicians working

in our company for the research and development of chemical products; second, we own a well-operated organization structure, which is consisted of Research and development department, Marketing Department, Tackle department of high and new technology, joint venture subsidiary and experimental factories, etc.

Abiding by the attitude of "being serious and pragmatic" and an unswerving & dedicated spirit, and relying on the hard workings of our technicians, we now have successfully researched and developed dozens of hi-tech products and new utility technologies; some of them obtained the patent certificates of China. Especially, several products and technologies of our company have been put into industrial application and production smoothly, and bring us great economic profits and social benefits now!

Our philosophy is "to establish our business by honest business, and create a bright future by excellent quality and serve society with leading technology".


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